After sitting here at home and enjoying a cold and snowy day off I have realized that I need to take more time to do nothing. It seems that my life is always on the go and I constantly am putting work and other people before myself.  This type of lifestyle is starting to catch up with me, the one thing that I have learned from climbing the coporate ladder is that it’s all fun and games until the stress gets to you.  I am closing out 2011 on a high note professionaly, I have reached the top of the ladder and I am now resolving to take more time for myself and my family.  I have missed out on so much and put my family on the backburner while I worked 80 hour work weeks becasue I felt like I had to in order to build a powerful business I now know that all of that is not healthly.  I am hoping that by blogging about my efforts to lead a slower paced life that it will help others who may be in the same boat.