On Wednesday of last week I was honored to recevie the President’s Club award from the company I work for.  I can’t thank the DM and team of director’s I work with enough for blessing me with this honor.  Last week was a whirlwind filled with memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.  For anyone who knows me on a personal or professional level you know I have been batteling some pretty serious health issues and just making it to our kickoff meeting was a challenge.  That being said I wanted to thank the team of people I work with Andy, Sarah, Tonia, Linda, Pam, Nikki, Sara S, Kelly, and our DM Tina, for all the love and support you all have shown me and my family throughout this year.  I had a blast spending time at kickoff with each of you and the memories we made there will stick with me forever. Thank you to Tina for believeing in me and my team and for always being there in the good times and the challenges of this business.  I love all of you guys in D1 and I am proud to call you all family.  I am praying for a year of increase and blessings for each of you all and your team make it a great year with no broken glasses lol!